We invest in Founders That Scale.

The startups that become the Unicorns — Facebook, DropBox, Workday, Yelp, Square, Instagram, etc. — are more often than not led by their founders. We invest in entrepreneurs we believe are able to lead a company from beginning to exit.

We look for founders who have the capability to not only develop great products, but become incredible evangelists, recruiters and managers of their companies. We invest in founders that can be the leaders of their companies as they grow from a few people in an apartment to thousands of employees worldwide.

We’re a team of serial founders, and we believe success comes from supporting founders.

We invest in teams that don’t require hand holding. While we’re always actively assisting our entrepreneurs, we aren’t in the business of running companies or teaching founders how to run a business. If you need to learn how to run a business, we’ll help you find the right mentors.

We invest in startups that we believe are building next-generation platforms and products that will be used by millions.

We invest in simple products that can gain massive consumer or enterprise adoption rapidly and at scale. This is the type of company that benefits most from our expertise and coaching.

We invest in companies that have clear business models and a path to profitability.

We invest at the earliest stages — Seed and Series A — because it is where we can make the maximum impact. We invest in later-stage companies on rare occasions,.

We only invest in the products that we believe will change people’s lives for the better. We don’t claim to be altruists, but we aren’t in the business of working on products that we believe hurt other people.